International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies – IIAAT

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SUAI, formerly LIAP, was recognized as the main branch school for instrumentation
industry of the Soviet Union. For decades Russian (and Soviet) theory and practice
of aviation, cosmonautics and adjacent technologies developed the own way, as well
as the education of young adepts in this area. Great achievements on this way were
known all over the world.

Modern history of Russia, new tendencies, rapprochement stimulate modification efforts
in academic activity. The special aim is to utilize the considerable fundamental and
technological knowledge that has been accumulated in Russia in last decades as well
as to open the access to it for foreign students.

From rivalry in aerospace area Russia is going to internationalization of projects.
We are trying to develop the international cooperation, to act effectually
at the world market of aerospace vehicles and services. IIAAT is the acknowledged
leader of such activity.

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