International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies – IIAAT

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International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (IIAAT) was created in September 1998, within the structure of SUAI (under Ministry of Education & Science of The Russian Federation) for synergizing Research & Development (R&D) in Advanced Aerospace Technologies, as well as suitably filling up the gap and creating the right bridge between academia and industry.

The main purpose of the Institute is to administer R&D in cutting-edge aerospace technologies, while having its own modern infrastructure, and also assist in Training of specialists for postgraduate and research in this field. IIAAT is also engaged in stimulating development and transfer of high-end technologies on the basis of international projects jointly with its other industrial partners and collaborators from Russia.

English is the working language of IIAAT.

Over the years of its existence, IIAAT has highly successfully converted a number of technologies right from Conceptualization Stage up to Productization Stage. IIAAT and its specialists have been granted a large number Patents, Intellectual Property Rights and Export Licenses for the same. It has also lead towards establishment and birth of newer aerospace corporations to commercialize various technologies developed by IIAAT, as per Federal Law #217 dt.02.08.2009 approved by the President of The Russian Federation.

IIAAT is a part of SKOLKOVO Foundation (under its Space Technology/Aerospace Cluster). SKOLKOVO Foundation is widely regarded as a Technology and Innovation Powerhouse as well as amongst the most ambitious innovation-focused initiatives in Russia (been set up with a fund infusion of almost US$ 1 Billion).

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