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PhD Degree in Mathematics of Mr. Hamza Benzerrouk

Congratulations to IIAAT trainee from Algeria Hamza Benzerrouk, who successfully defended his thesis on July 3, 2014, for a PhD degree at St.-Petersburg State University in the field of mathematics. He became a real representative of technical colleges and the first foreigner to successfully pass the defence procedure at SPSU by similarly adopted rules from most European universities for a PhD fulfillment.

St.-Petersburg State University received the right to award a graduate degree last year, accepted worldwide, as in the Moscow State University. While the PhD degree from SPbSU in mathematics received only three students from SPSU last year. Hamza Benzerrouk was the fourth contender for the award of PhD SPbSU, and the first not from St.-Petersburg State University. In this sense, the IIAAT SUAI has exceeded other technical schools of the city. Defence was held in English. By the St.-Petersburg State University rector's orders, an international commission of seven opponents with two European experts was established. The dissertation titled, "Modern approaches in the theory of nonlinear filtering applied to the original objectives of integrated aerospace navigation systems with non-Gaussian noise" was published in the St.-Petersburg State University in book form. The dissertation and the reviews by opponents was published on the University website, and can be found at:

The book also includes 5 of 30 publications available with the permission of the magazines, who owns the copyright. Most of the publications are made in the system Scopus, Web of Science.

Supervisor of thesis Head of the Chair number 11, Director of IIAAT Prof. Alexander Nebylov.

The experience of a PhD thesis defence is important in connection with the ongoing reorganization of the system of defence under the auspices of the VAC. The VAC requires a dissertation and all accompanying documents to be exclusively in Russian, which significantly narrows the Russian universities success in the global education market. PhD defences and control of their quality is completely determined by the university authority. For foreigners, a PhD is more convenient than the candidate degree. The award is issued quickly and immediately in English.

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